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Post by Hortons Heroes on Wed Feb 03, 2010 11:56 am

Feb 2, 2010
Summary of ideas Brainstormed: “How DO They Do it? – facilitated by Duane Backen

We all have answers (to some degree) to the problems that we face.

Issues/Problem/Ideas Topcis:
Bears and wildlife
Q: progressively having bears coming into camp more and more (on weekends when place is empty, air horn and bear banger
A: “Winnie” Code word on radio if there is a sighting. Either interms or maintenance supervisors. We have a designated gathering place if the bear encroaches where there are campers. If the bear doesn't leave, use 2 pot lids and bang them together.
A: Direct contact with conservation, keep a Critical Incident Report
A: Fixing up garbage containers in spring and fall
A: we keep bear spray with specific buildings, don't leave garbage outside, use bear hang

End of Summer Slump
A: Mid summer, and 2nd to last week of summer de-brief then modified “Wish and a star” with staff and board members. If we had unlimited resources what would you like to see next summer, and Star: of all things over summer, what was your favorite part?
A: at end of each week, Highlight and lowlight of week
A: do a break in programming, get away, get fresh air. Family camp over long weekend so counselors are not needed
A: half way through summer = staff retreat – bring in different facilitators as summer camp for staff
A: do a debrief on an outtrip for staff
A: 4 or 5 day break with only 3 weeks left at end
A: BBQ somewhere other than work
A: use video or picture footage to reminis on the season so far

what do people do to advertise our camp?
A: every household in area gets a free newspaper – provide with pictures and stories, camp is still there, functioning and have room for people
A: polar bear dip on New Years Day at Camp = free local tv and front page, and gifts for someone who raised the most funds for scholarships
A: winterfest = invite schools to send kids down, serve food and decorate, we phoned shaw cable and happy to have something on tv. Had local free paper with article “Special Gathering” reaching nearly 300 people. Provide doorprizes, and a free kids camp.
A: openhouse in June, let people come down to see the camp to get people on site.
A: pumpkin patches – parents with little kids through thanksgiving – bring your kids in there will be activities, booths
A: Take camp to school, motivational presentation/workshops to PACs and groups in schools, website
A: Network with other non-profits to cross promote ie. Earthquake Society
A: advertise in community resource flyer, through resource centre
A: offer to teach something to invite them to learn more
A: Family day invited to set up a booth, give prize plus announcements, provide banners
A: interlink self in community, enter in community events
A: selling and sending kids home with materials with logo on it. Posters,
A: malls, in local theatres on previews,
Q: How do you measure the effectiveness of your advertising
A: We give $10 cash to those who bring a friend Word of mouth is the best promotion
Q: How do you evaluate word of mouth?
A: DVDs should we just give away DVD's at camp? Pictures copied and downloaded by the end of camp? Need Photo Release
A: sent last years DVD video with registration package
A: Post Card to every returning Camper and a 'cant wait to see you again', bumper stickers, free tshirts for Volunteers,
A: 700 volunteer staff (they pay to be there)
A: you need to have tshirts that kids want to wear – find a way to ask them and be involved! The better the gear you have the more of a walking billboard you have. What are kids looking at. Look up billabong and west49 for ideas

Recruiting Campers
A: Put the website on the shirt
A: all kids wear their camper shirts at last day create memory of camp
A: camper and staff shirts are similar, but different in color
A: booth set up for whole year, all guest groups and rental groups, there is our display board of what we do at summer camp, from school groups coming through
A: Camp tours, connect with schools and universities

A: Canada Summer Jobs – approved for jobs. Government funding available for student summer workers, for month of february find out by May, follow parameters, and will grant. Apply for 10; only getting 8. but more likely to approve for paying more for job.
Manditory Employment Related Costs... don't pay it if you're a NP. Check the box!
Volunteers; offer scholarships and bursaries = show gap between having to pay for place, offer food
College students who are giving up decent paying jobs to work at camp – contribute to their scholarships and bursaries in their school $500.
Spring crew that we pay separately from summer – come beginning of may through to the end of june as a separate roll.
Offer people to give on a matching basis. Watch out for WCB

Special Event “Roof raiser rodeo” – invite people to come and host events, have to raise a certain amount of money, and ride, all prizes are donated.
Buy a brick campaign - $100 name engraved on it, build a walkway with those bricks

Outtrips – day trips
1 nighters to 4 nighters = it's a great night for the kitchen staff, but want to invite staff to go on outtrips
staff one, guys, girls – set up then take down. Fireban brought out BBQ with Hotdogs, Boiled Water
Squirt Sanetizer (no water)
#'s on mugs to keep for own
Teenagers – smaller numbers for bigger trips
Propaine Camp Stove with 20lb tank
Single Night Out – campers paid to clean toilets and do dishes (Jr. High) plus get to play
They get all equipment ready, out at the site, all the kids do is take sleeping bags
Deliver food and equipment, goes back in morning with breakfast and packs gear

Camp Brain – can do conferencing and managing donors
In on paper, enter in excel, then address book
Everything online – a huge percentage of people 95% online = saves office manager a tone of work
Returning = not re-enter year to year
Keep online and make accessible from anywhere, and it won't die
Thriva Camp Registration (might be problems) not cheap $800/yr – basic online registration
Circuit Tree
Sunnergo Systems – with a more camp
Camp Bunk American
*Investigate it for your own camp

Zucamp anyone can go from wherever on the website = staff friendly and camper friendly
club pinguin (kids are on),
Online training – videos and quizes to get trained for camp ahead of time
Twitter, facebook (keep in touch),
Staff staying in touch with kids via facebook
Write a full page addition based on rules for facebook
Male staff contact boy campers
Not allowed to post photos of campers, but yes of eachother
Communication on walls are okay, but not private
Honor system
Camp facebook profile
Connect with older campers, invite to Jr. Leaders
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